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Master Michael Kaye, Head Instructor of the Penn State Martial Arts Group (PSMAG), was promoted to the the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt at the 2004 Region 8 Tournament in the Poconos.  Master Kaye completed his testing requirements prior to the tournament, and was then officially presented with his new rank by Grandmaster Shin during a ceremony at the event.  This is a very prestigious honor, as only a few instructors have achieved this rank in the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA).

Master Kaye has been training in Martial arts for over 35 years. He began training in Kempo in 1971, studied Tai Chi, yang style for 6 years, Northern Shaolin longfist for 3 years and started Tang Soo Do training under Master Michael White in 1980. His specialties are meditation, health practices, Breaking and edged weapons. Master Kaye teaches seminars on tactical knife techniques at regional Black belt clinics, and the World Tang Soo Do Association Master's clinic. He also teaches short and long knife weekend seminars in association with Warriors Path. Master Kaye is the chairman of the World Tang Soo Do Foundation Building Fund, and is a member of the Region 8 Scholarship Committee. Master Kaye received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University in 1987 and has a private practice in State College.
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